9 Steps Towards Meeting Your Purpose


Some basic ways to start exploring your true purpose include:

  1. Write about your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis to see emerging patterns.
  2. Learn as much as you can about anything that remotely interests you by reading lots of books or surfing the web.

  3. Talk to as many different people as you can to learn about why they enjoy their work and what kind of work they perform on a daily basis; what are their daily ritual healthy habits.

Quick Actions to Get Unstuck

A. Set aside an hour a day to work on your idea. Using a TIMER, like on your cell phone or watch is PERFECT.  Not only does it keep you from going over time, but it pushes you to use all of the time alloted to think and reevaluate, instead of being quick and lazy.

B. If you have an idea for a business or you have a passion project burning deep inside of you, make time for it. Many people get stuck at the point of taking action on their idea because they struggle to find the time to work on it.

C. Think of working on your idea as an opportunity to change how you are using your time and energy. Let’s get you started!

TIP: Personally I use the following site to help me develop healthy habits and progress towards fulfilling my purpose. Click on the following link and I’m certain it will help you in progression towards YOUR PURPOSEThe Fabulous

  1. First, identify something that you are currently doing each day that lasts for about an hour, that you no longer want to do or aren’t being very productive with that hour.

2. Now commit or recommit to dedicating that previously unproductive hour each day to working on your new idea.

  1. Initially spend your hour each day educating yourself about how you can execute on your idea and begin to reach out to others who can help advance your knowledge.

~~I would LOVE to know what you’re going to use your hour for today in progress to your PURPOSE.~~


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