“Hemp AKA Cannabis: The Plant Protein Powerhouse, It Does A Body Good”


The other day I was in Ross Dept. Store looking around in the health food section because this is where I buy my chia and flax seed at a great price, along with my coconut and sesame oil for oil pulling.  Recently one of my children has inquired about smoking Marijuana when they are older and that sibling was with me shopping.  I am teaching my kids how to shop by reading and comparing nutritional labels, so that it’s first nature to them as they continue to mature.  Well, this day the young’un noticed a bag that read, “HEMP” and they blurted out, “Mama, that’s weed…what are they doing selling that?!” 

It just so happened that we weren’t the only people on the aisle at the time and as I burst out laughing I noticed the two older Caucasian women standing near us had a look of jaw dropping shock on their faces.  I wanted to just keep laughing for a moment, but I realized that just like my young one didn’t know that there is a difference between this Cannabis and the other used for medicinal/recreational uses; most likely these women didn’t know the difference either. 

Well folks, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE, as a matter of fact, a few differences! So continue reading via the link to find out what they are and WHY YOU SHOULD INCLUDE HEMP IN YOUR DIET.

Call to Action:  Have your doctor run pre-hemp bloodwork of a chemistry panel and after adding hemp to your dietary habits for a month have them recheck your bloodwork.  Come back and share how your numbers changed especially with regards to your cholesterol, lipids and coronary risk profile.  NOTE:  As always you MUST also eat a sensible healthy diet with this change.

Kajuanna – Diamond Fitness 💎


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