Strong Faith + Regular Prayer = Lower Risk


Research shows that faith yields positive effects on your blood pressure.  A study found that those who attend church regularly and study the bible daily consistently have lower blood pressure than those who did so less or not at all.  I’m not saying faith and prayer guarantee a disease free life but that that lower your risks.  In this world where so many things are beyond our control we need to concentrate on those things that will help us to live a longer, more productive, better quality of life. 

Emotional stress and physical illness are not from God because He loves us and desires the best for us as stated in Romans 8:32…

He who did not spare His own Son, but have Him up for all of us-how will He not also, along with him, graciously give us all things.


Those things include a healthy emotional, mental and physical state of life, however know that our DAILY choices AFFECT those states of life. 

Therefore, your personal faith can be a big component to having a healthier quality of life with lower health risks. 

I want you to ask yourself a few questions (these can be discussed here in this open forum):

1. Do I understand that good health requires balance in ALL areas my life?

2. Am I willing to open myself up to the spiritual support of others?

3. How does my faith influence my daily habits and choices?

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