Healthy Habits


I’m out of town on a business trip so I don’t have access to my homemade DAILY salad. So a friend of mine suggested I get a salad from Mazzio’s. I called them to request specific healthy things in my salad, but much to my dismay they didn’t have some things like bright colored bell peppers, celery, healthy meat or greens other than regular lettuce.  I’m noticing that my hometown, Orange, Texas does not support healthy lifestyle and that is why there are so many obese people here along with obese children. I would say that it all boils down to lack of knowledge and stubbornness to change.  I have a sincere desire to help my hometown to have a better quality of life, but it will take a community effort. So I gladly travel 2 hours from my home in Houston to come back to my hometown when I’m invited, so that I may impart and bless those who will listen.

I’m happy that my lifestyle change of clean eating and the knowledge I gained by doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset detox has left a lasting impression on my psyche so that I now crave those things which are good for my body, yet have the strength to turn down offers of unhealthy foods. That’s a major change for me and you can have the same once you make up your mind to embrace change. 

I hope that one day people from the restaurants here will attend one of my meetings and they then will offer more healthy food items. Until then I will continue to travel to share the gift of educating that God has bestowed in me. 
In hindsight I recall being a middle school student and was asked to be a catechism teacher to kindergarten and first grade children. Therefore, I believe God made me specifically to be of service to the world and educating or as the craft has taught me…shedding LIGHT is what I will continue to do as my discipleship service.

If you’re ready to make a change for a better quality of life then I’m here to support, educate and motivate you and all it takes is your first step in reaching out to me. I’m available by phone, email or even video chat all of which you can schedule based on your availability by using the contact widget on my website at

The next clean eating and fitness support group will begin December 9th which is perfect timing to give you the support you need in avoiding the bingeing we tend to do during the holidays. Remember, all it takes is the FIRST step by YOU.


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